The Entrepreneurs Marketing and Sales System for Reseller Businesses Online

A detailed guide on how to implement the Entrepreneurs Marketing and Sales System for attracting and keeping clients (Diagram included) for your Reseller Business Online.

The Entrepreneurs Marketing and Sales System for Reseller Businesses Online
Entrepreneurs Circle EMS System Graphic

Growing a reseller business online is hard. However having a business coach, mentor, sales and marketing system with detailed plans showing you step by step what to do, how to do it and even helping you with the knowledge required how to grow makes it easy to operate your reseller business online. Being a business owner can be lonely at times, It can feel like you’re all on your own. But not anymore thanks to Reseller Business Online Ltd helping people around the world to succeed with game changing marketing and sales techniques which build on you existing knowledge as well practical tactical strategies that you can use to grow your business. Lots of actionable, practical, step-by-step how to guides on almost every aspect of business growth so you can get in and implement what you need with ease.

Step 1: We Find Your Gap

We understand everything about you and your business - including the numbers that matter, where you are now, where you want to be, and
why that’s important to you. The system gets you back in touch with your goal, the reasons why you set your business up in the
first place and it keeps your goal front and centre so it can’t get hidden, forgotten or compromised.

Part 2: Your Foundation Blocks

We will be putting in place the basic marketing systems to equip you for success.

Includes things like: Marketing, Asset Review, Your Follow Up Process, Google My Business Re-marketing & Pixel Tracking, Price Review Systemised Review Collection, Your Marketing Calendar(with assets), Answering your phone - no missed calls and Your Knowledge Centre Linked. 

Part 3: We Fix Your Marketing 

(1) The System breaks everything down into bite-size bits and you’ll only ever tackle one or two pieces at once, so you’ll never be overwhelmed. It also important you Understand Your ‘Dream Buyer’ (Market), understand exactly who your target market is
- we'll drill down on your ideal avatar (possibly multiple avatars for some businesses) and we'll look to the future in terms of the ideal customers that you want to attract and move towards. We’ll also help you niche and sub-niche where appropriate.

(2) Create Your Utterly Compelling, Differentiating, Messages. Weak, bland, forgettable messaging is responsible for the failure of a lot of marketing – so we make sure none of those traps are fallen into here. Three parts to this:

- Your Core Messages:
"Why should a prospect dip into their pocket and spend some of their hard-earned cash with you?"
What is your category of one? (we’ll create it with you if necessary)
What’s your brand and positioning?
What do you stand for and against?
The tone and language of your marketing message?

- Your Bait/Content Messages:
Together we’ll create RUCs (Really Useful Content) that attract your ideal prospects and bring them into your sales funnel/process.

Normally, you’ll also create your Knowledge Centre on your website at this stage.
- Your ‘Don Corleone’ Offer Messages:

We’ll help you create ate offer/s that they can’t refuse…

(3) Drive the Traffic (Media)

Together we'll compile all the possible marketing pillars to get your messages to your market, systematically.
Using all the numbers and insights we’ll help you objectively assess which pillars are right for your business, and then prioritise them.

The system only ever works on THREE marketing pillars at any one time to get them in place and STABILISED, properly.

Once a marketing pillar is in place and stabilised, a new pillar can be introduced so there is ongoing development of marketing pillars... 

(4) Nurture Your List

This is where you keep in touch with all your prospects by following up in the right frequency and with the right messages that build confidence, trust and propensity to buy. It also makes sure that when they’re ready to buy they at least talk to/consider you.

Getting this part of the system right is critical to achieving rhythmic acquisition.

Part 4: Know the Score

If you don’t know the score you can’t tell the winners from the losers so together we'll start by understanding how many leads are expected from each marketing pillar, per week or month (as appropriate), and then tracking what actually happens.

 • Conversion rates will be tracked;
 • Cost per lead - and per sale - by marketing pillar will
 be tracked;
 • Sales will be tracked.

List growth, web visitors, page per visit, pixelled audience size, etc. Together we’ll construct a single-page Weekly Sales and Marketing Scorecard that is bespoke for your business with all the right elements on it. The visibility and focus this brings is game-changing for almost every business.

Part 5: Stabilise – Optimise - Maximise

Most businesses will go through The Entrepreneurs Marketing & Sales System at least three times and each ‘circuit’ will typically take 9-18 months. 

Your first circuit is the stabilisation phase. 

Stabilise is all about developing your sales and marketing processes so that they are consistently successful. At the end of the stabilisation phase, you’ll have customers coming in rhythmically, predictably and consistently. You’ll be servicing those customers competently and the business is operationally solid.

Once you’re stable, we then look to optimise.

This is your second ‘circuit’ 

In optimisation mode, we are taking the stable systems and
making them better.

 • This is when we will improve your customer journey.
 • We'll start to remove the business owner from the sales process - and from your role in the service
 • We'll also start to reduce your cost per acquisition as we optimise the different marketing funnels based on their activity and what is happening.

The third circuit is Maximise mode.

This is when we look to properly scale the business, expand the growth of customers, maybe even offer more services.

Providing you have have a viable reseller business online then it’s very difficult not to get a stellar return on your investment. My focus is on closing your ‘gap’, markedly increasing your sales and your personal drawings and establishing the rhythmic acquisition of customers in your business. We do this through the creation of assets and systems which will keep working for you for many years to come.

In that regard the relatively modest cost involved quickly pales into insignificance for most clients.

Derek Shemlon - Founder of Reseller Business Online  29/10/2020