How freelancers can turn casual customers into repeat business

Make no bones about it, growing a successful freelance business relies on repeat customers. While you don’t want your income to be dependent on just one or two big spenders, encouraging repeat custom is important for your long-term security. If your workload comprises mostly one-off orders, it is time to start wooing your customers to forge long-term working relationships. This guide is packed with helpful advice to help you turn casual customers into loyal fans

How freelancers can turn casual customers into repeat business

Push the boat out

Just because you're a freelancer doesn’t mean you can’t be personable.

Engage with your customers to win repeat business.

Use their name in communications, offer them free advice, and don’t be afraid to point them in the direction of any other services you offer.

In a nutshell, go the extra mile for their benefit.

If a customer can see you really care about their business, they will be more inclined to use your services again. 


Always be reliable

Missing deadlines is the biggest bugbear for customers of freelancers.

In fact, failing to deliver a project on time is the quickest way to rack up negative reviews - and lose not just the customers you’ve let down, but future ones too.

You will find attracting repeat business almost impossible if you consistently deliver work late.

Make meeting deadlines a top priority. You can help avoid delays by ensuring your customers know what information you will need from them when they place an order.


Be competitive

Nobody expects you to undersell your skills. But, like any other market, the freelance sector is fiercely competitive.

Ensure your services offer real value for money and repeat business will follow.

If you're not selling at the lowest price, make sure you offer more than your less expensive competitors.

Quality work, delivered by a personable professional who is always happy to help, is better than a slapdash service that lacks the personal touch.


Pay attention to detail

Silly mistakes can cost you dearly. Get into the habit of checking your work before sending it to a customer.

Paying attention to detail will show in the overall quality of what you supply - and win you some brownie points. Freelancers who deliver flawless work are in demand. They save their customers’ time and offer added value. 


Promote your services

Marketing is crucial to freelancers. If you want to attract repeat business, tell the world what you have got to offer.

Shout about what you do in posts on social media, start a blog and make sure you use keywords relevant to your skills in all your digital marketing.

Don’t forget to include links to your services.


 Tweak your profile

A great way to keep your customers close is to let them know you offer a regular service.

Consider adding weekly or monthly packages, or indicate you are available to meet all their needs now and in the future.


 Browse requests

A great way to find new customers and impress them is on

Simply go to Browse Requests You'll find it in the sub-menu when you click on Seller in the main menu bar. Simply match your skills to requests, and submit your proposals. If you are looking to build your customer base, this is a great place to start.

Thank your customers

That’s right, thank your customers for new orders. It is rude not to show your appreciation for their faith in your abilities. Being polite goes a long way in a world that seems to have forgotten traditional business etiquette.

A ‘thank you’ will also acknowledge the order and tell the customer you are working on it.

And while you're 'working on it', it's also polite to keep your customer updated on your progress - particularly if the delivery deadline is some way off.


Being a freelancer can be tough. That's why repeat business matters.

If you are still relying on the Bank of Mum and Dad during lean periods, or worry about making your next rent or mortgage payment, it's time to take action. gives you the tools to grow your business.

Use the tips above to start reeling in repeat customers during 2022.