How injecting emotion into your business can be the key to success

When your customers see you and your business as real people rather than an unfeeling corporation, then things get interesting.

How injecting emotion into your business can be the key to success

Let’s face it, no one cares about a bland, uninteresting business or product that has no relevance or bearing on you or your life. But when you add a little bit of emotion and a personal touch to a business or product message, then everything changes.


As well as showing the emotional side of your business or company in your everyday dealings, emotion is a great way to sell products too. We all have inbuilt mental triggers that when activated will spark a reaction, causing us to feel an affinity with a product or service; the more we know about how to activate these triggers, the more we can do to incorporate them into our marketing strategies and increase sales!


It’s become apparent that the key to effective marketing, no matter what type of business you're in, is emotion. Whether that's sadness, happiness, excitement, or surprise, if you can successfully manage to evoke emotion in your advertising, then you're definitely doing something right. You need to make your customers and potential customers care about you and what you're selling - and emotion is the key.


Whether or not your customers actually need or want a product is rarely important when it comes to selling based on emotion, and a great example of this is the popularity of fizzy drinks, chocolate, and sweets. We all know that they're bad for us, but they are advertised in a way that associates them with positive emotions, so they sell. You could hire me to write you a positive Facebook ad or to create captivating social media posts that will highlight the positive impact of your product on people's lives.


To see just how important emotion is for an effective marketing strategy, here are a few of the most common emotions or emotional triggers, and how they're used to sell products and services.



People will go to great lengths to feel accepted, and human nature means that most people have a deep longing to be a part of something. Whether that’s a sports team, a fan club, a brand, or something else, people will go where they feel wanted.



We see happiness in all sorts of ads, for everything from chocolate to sports cars. It is the belief that if you buy or use those products then you too will find happiness, just like the people in the adverts that sell those products or services.



A popular choice for those selling diet plans, medicine, or healthy alternatives to smoking and drinking alcohol, disgust is an extremely powerful emotion that can have some seriously impactful results.



Anger isn’t an emotion that we frequently feel when we watch or look at advertisements, but when it comes to big issues such as environmental matters and politics, anger can make a huge impression.


If you want to create successful, engaging ads then you need to start thinking about emotion and how you can inject it into your business to achieve the ultimate success today!