What Can We All Do To Live Better?

So these are my three tips for people to heal and have a better life. Everyone has problems, but it is how you face it. Find a routine and rituals, for me is exercise, meditation, spirituality awareness and self realisation. These are real things because it grounds you. Today I may wake up with all the stress in the world but I am grounded because of my spiritual awareness, consciousness, practice and that stress doesn't make me sick because I exercise regularly. 

What Can We All Do To Live Better?
Self-Discipline, Sleep, Emotions

What can we all do to live better?

The first will be sleep, it's not about how much it is about how good the quality of your sleep is. Some people can sleep for 5 hours in deep sleep with quality and others can wake up in 9 hours and still be tired of sleep. Today we need to understand that sleep deprivation is one of the root causes of most diseases. We need to understand most diseases that we're talking about today such as diabetes and cancer are inflammatory diseases caused by inflammation. Whilst we sleep inflammation reduces, so if keep taking in anti-inflammatory pills and gingers and all of your stuff that you have every day but if you don't sleep well at night, your body does not heal you.

Secondly, your emotional health. The root cause of the disease starts in your mind and gets manifested in the body. The mind is a very powerful tool and it can destroy us as well. The power of everyone's mind can be used to build something beautiful that could be used to destroy as well. So we are losing control of our minds today the way people are reacting to stress. If our emotional health is not good, we will have a disease or we will not be able to heal. Most sickness starts in the mind, which is why mindset is key when changing your mind, for example, if someone gets cancer and they believe it's all over, it will be all over.

Some people get cancer and say I'm stronger than this. Yet most of them heal. Everyone says "I have stress" you see the human mind finds a way to justify everything. You can have all the stress in the world but it's how you take that stress. Most people have an attachment to their stress. So if they lose something means their identity has gone, their social status has gone and all of that stuff, and that's what depresses us.  Everyone has a problem, but it is how you face it. Find a path where you have rituals, for me is meditation, spirituality, and self-realization.

These are real things because it grounds you. Today I may wake up with all the stress in the world but I am grounded because of my spiritual awareness, consciousness, practice, and that stress doesn't make me sick. 

Thirdly, self-discipline. 

Superfoods don't really work always ill leave that for a debate another time. You see there are so many people who take superfoods but it doesn't mean their life is going to change or diseases going to go.  If anyone wants to achieve in their life first look at self-discipline. Most people struggle to lose weight today because of a lack of self-discipline.  Whether you are trying to heal a disease, you're trying to change your relationship, you're trying to build a career, it comes down to self-discipline. It is a bitter and the ugly truth that no one wants to accept because self-discipline is difficult. 

So some people  5-days a week and binge drink weekends, they've just undone the 5 days of good work and the next 5-days and then they think: "Oh I need a more complicated diet, I need to become a vegan, I need to do all these extreme things" because they don't have self-discipline. There's nothing wrong with being a vegan just an example or they have a cheeseburger and search to find out its 500 calories, then decide to burn 500 calories on the treadmill to burn out that cheeseburger. Unfortunately, the body does not work under the principles of mathematics, it works on physiology, chemistry, biology. So they start eating with guilt, people start getting fearful of food and all they need is self-discipline. 

Do you like food? Eat it but why must you overeat?

Do you like alcohol? drink but why must you overdrink?.

The problem is not with the alcohol, the problem is with the person. Because there are so many people who drink and they are absolutely fine, they do not become alcoholics, they don't mess up their livers. There are so many people that enjoy white sugar and they are absolutely fine. And there are some people where it destroys their life. The problem is that person and self-discipline. 

Instill self-discipline, why is it so difficult? it is because of egos and pride. So some may think, why should they do this, " I have health and I can have comfort, why should I wait, why should I go a get the TV remote, let me a buzz and instead get the servant to come and get the TV remote and give it to me. We think earn that because we have wealth and we have a position. Self-discipline doesn't matter whether you're the sheik, whether you're a king, a queen, or whether you are the owner of a company.

Self-discipline is something that you would do every day over and over again until it becomes a habit like brushing your teeth. 

Further examples of self-discipline:

1. Meeting your own deadlines.

2. Not eating in front of your screen.

3. Turning off Netflix at a set time.

4. Not touching your phone on a date.

5. Putting your phone in a different room.

6. Making healthy fresh dinners every night.

7. Going out for a run even when it's raining.

8. Going for your workout even though you are tired.

9. Keeping the same phone model for 3 years straight,

10. Eating the same food 4 times a week to lose weight.

11. Passing up on a huge sale with extra money in the bank.

12. Reading business books even when you don't feel like it.

13. Doing that final rep at the gym even when no one is looking.