You Can Own Your Own Nft Graphic Design Agency, NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY

This is a genuine opportunity to join our organization and share in the wealth that we generate for our Clients and Partners. If you win this auction you will own your own NFT GRAPHIC DESIGN AGENCY Website. The NFT niche is exploding, and it is very simple to profit from if you own an NFT GRAPHIC DESIGN AGENCY and become a seller of digital artwork with everything outsourced. You don’t need any specific skills for this.

You Can Own Your Own Nft Graphic Design Agency, NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY

The NFT niche is exploding, and it is very simple to profit from if you own an NFT GRAPHIC DESIGN AGENCY and become a seller of digital artwork with everything outsourced. You don’t need any specific skills for this.





Definitions NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

To put it simply, an NFT is a digital asset that can't be substituted for another digital asset because of its unique metadata which can’t be altered.

People buy NFTs as status symbols in the digital world we live but they have become much bigger than just status symbols.

Collectibles are groups of NFTs that gain a following, followings can be huge and explore the value of the Collection. Collections are typically listed on, for example, the Cool Cats Collection

NFTs from the original Cool Cats collection of 10,000 NFTs are selling for well over $100k US each.


An NFT comes as a unit of data stored on a digital ledger called a blockchain, which can be sold and traded like Bitcoin. But it all starts from NFT Graphic Design and with your own NFT GRAPHIC DESIGN AGENCY you can cash in on this sea of customers who want to own their own NFT collection to sell for a profit on in the future.  

With 9 years of experience, we have built most of our wealth selling Digital Services Websites and this niche is no different. Apart from the fact that NFTs are being compared to the .com revolution & the social media revolution. So if you don’t know anything about NFT you will have to!

Services offered on your NFT GRAPHIC DESIGN AGENCY website are completely outsourced. The supplier handles all design work. All supplier details are included with the sale of this NFT GRAPHIC DESIGN AGENCY website. We will also include backup suppliers.

Anyone can run this Business, no Graphic Design experience, no NFT Marketing experience, no Sales experience – No Problems! Run your own NFT GRAPHIC DESIGN AGENCY website in this multi-billion dollar niche encompassing the Graphic Design of NFTs to be used as Digital Assets. This has become essential knowledge in the Digital Age that we live in.


What happens when a sale takes place on your NFT GRAPHIC DESIGN AGENCY website?


You will receive payment via PayPal immediately with a notification email when a customer places an order on your NFT GRAPHIC DESIGN AGENCY website. You then place the same order with the Supplier to carry out the required service.


You provide the Supplier with the required info, which you already have from your customer because they filled in this info on the checkout order form on your website. Your supplier takes over from there, delivering the order to you directly which you forward to your customer upon completion.  


What you need to do when you make a sale and how to market your NFT GRAPHIC DESIGN AGENCY website to generate traffic and sales are all covered in the website guides. These guides will be laid out clearly and simply when we hand your NFT GRAPHIC DESIGN AGENCY website over to you.


A fulfilled order delivered to your customer includes 10,000 NFTs in the form of a themed Collection.


1 Base Character

10 Background Colors

10 Variations of Clothes

10 Variations of Sunglasses

10 Variations of Caps

This is 1x10x10x10x10 which is 10,000 separate NFT and this is the whole collection!

Your customers receive a Collection of 10,000 NFT’s leaving you with a fat profit margin over and over again, every time you make a sale.





USD 160





1 Base Character: 31 Backgrounds x 3 Skin Colors x 6 Clothes x 6 Hat x 3 Glasses GENERATING 10K UNIQUE NFT’S.









1 Base Character: 24 Backgrounds x 3 Skin Colors x 8 Clothes x 6 Hats x 3 Glasses GENERATING 10K UNIQUE NFT’S.









1 Base Character: 8 Backgrounds x 3 Skin colors x 8 Clothes x 6 Hats x 3 Glasses x 3 Necks GENERATING 10K UNIQUE NFT’S.

If you look at the clever price points for packages you will experience that most customers will choose the PREMIUM package.

This is an example of a 10,000 collection that sold out

You can use Cool Cats as an example for your prospective customers.


And individual NFTs within the collection continue to sell for over 100k each.

The NFT Graphic Design Supplier that comes with your NFT GRAPHIC DESIGN AGENCY website does similar artwork to Cool Cats which is simple and appealing with the potential to sell out the whole collection. You will also receive a backup NFT graphic design supplier. And if you want to use your own suppliers in the future you can, you are not bound to use the suppliers we provide.  

This NFT GRAPHIC DESIGN AGENCY website is easy to run if you have reasonable communication skills. No Phone contact with Customers is required. Just cut and paste & forward emails to the supplier and customer.

Remember you will get multiple orders from the SAME CUSTOMER as well as REFERAL business. So income from just 10 customers per week Profits could quickly double from $3,090 to $6,180 per week, just based on repeat and referral business in 1 week.


Recent News Press Release

Why are NFTs relevant in the current market? Check out this article.

NFTs create opportunities for new business models that didn’t exist before. Artists can attach stipulations to an NFT that ensures they get some of the proceeds every time it gets resold, meaning they benefit if their work increases in value. NFTs remove the need to track an asset’s progress and enforce such entitlements on each sale.

Art Owners can demonstrate in a simple way that they own digital works. When customers buy art, they can display it with a digital certificate in the knowledge that there is no issue with copyright or originality because the NFT and blockchain ensure that ownership is authentic.

Transactions recorded on blockchains are reliable because the information cannot be changed. Smart contracts are used in place of lawyers and escrow accounts to automatically ensure that money and assets change hands and both parties honor their agreements. NFTs convert assets into tokens so that they can move around within this system.

This has the potential to completely transform markets like property and vehicles, for instance. NFTs could also be part of the solution in resolving issues with land ownership. Only 30% of the global population has legally registered rights to their land and property. Those without clearly defined rights find it much harder to access finance and credit. NFTs will change all this. Also, if more of our lives are spent in virtual worlds in the future, the items we buy there will be bought and sold as NFTs too!

Misha Ketchell



So you better get ready for how NFTs operate and owning your own NFT GRAPHIC DESIGN AGENCY website is a great way into this new world. It is a simple business that sells NFT Designs which your customers can profit from when they sell individually and/or as a collection.

With the handover of your NFT GRAPHIC DESIGN AGENCY website, we also include a FAQ document that helps your customers understand what to do to promote and resell their NFT’s collection(s).

You can also buy your own collections from the supplier and get into trading NFTs yourself. All the info will be provided to you when you purchase this NFT GRAPHIC DESIGN AGENCY website.

How will it work again?


You promote it with the simple marketing plan that I provide (that works).

You get enquires, they are easy to manage because all Package inclusions are simply laid out on the website order form.

You can also let your prospective customers know that they will get marketing materials to help them market and sell their NFTs with very high-profit margins.

The Customer is impressed…then completes a purchase via PayPal and you receive the funds in your PayPal Account immediately eg. $499 for the PREMIUM package on your website. (You keep $309 as Profit)

You then contact your Supplier via email with the order details which were completed by your Customer and your Supplier delivers the order (A collection of 10,000 NFTs) to you and you forward it to your customer via email.

In this email, your customer also receives the marketing materials they need to sell their NFT collection for a very high profit.

Your customer is very satisfied, so they tell their friends and family who also make purchases on your website.

Referred customers will be a significant way to grow your business for free.

Most importantly, your Supplier delivers orders quickly and efficiently.

I am a leader in providing digital assets to professional investors who have large portfolios of Websites and Apps that generate full-time income….check my feedback rating on for your reference. This NFT Niche has the strongest potential out of all the current niches of Assets. This is a booming Market that is still in its infancy!!!!

What are you getting when you purchase this site?

You can operate this business from anywhere in the World!

This website comes with a Marketing Plan, Training " How it Works" and ongoing support.
 You will have full WordPress & Cpanel access so you have full control of your asset.

No Other Sellers on Flippa will offer Free Hosting permanently so you have no ongoing expenses. 
This could save you up to $300 per year.

We will create your domain name registrar account or we can transfer it to your own domain registrar, then you will own the domain name and the website.

Premium domain name Registration ( Get over £100 worth of Free Services with every Domain, you Register )

Premium design

Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Guide

Operational Guide

Supplier Contacts

Email Hosting

NFT Marketing Guides For Your Customers






Latest Methods of Marketing on Facebook

Latest Methods of Marketing on Instagram

Latest Methods of Marketing on Pinterest

Useful Outsourcing Contacts for Setting up Executing your Social Accounts/Pages – Saving you Time and Money

This website is very newbie friendly as there is no maintenance required

-          No Programming Skills Needed

-          No Maintenance Time is Required

Low risk with an easy-to-learn process

Will provide a seamless transfer of the site with ongoing setup support

Immediate transfer of the WordPress log-in and password.  You then add your PayPal details and receive the proceeds of any sales immediately.

Domain Registration

We register any domain name of your choice or transfer this domain to you.


We provide you web hosting on our fast secure servers


Any Questions? Let me know ASAP!


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